Dagger of corrosion

“Are you really meaning to tell me, that something got through our vault door, 3 feet of quality steel, without anyone noticing.?”
“Sir, tis as much of a mystery to me and my lads as it is to you, we ‘aven’t heard anything during our shift, this must surely be some bloody magic, don’t you think so boss?”
“Knowing you and your dwarven lot, you wouldn’t have heard a whole military parade if it came knocking on your doorstep. I just can’t see a culprit capable of disintegrating this kind of protection not garnering any attention; and it couldn’t have been ordinary magic, we had alarms and countermeasures for these kinds of things.”
“Oi boss, me and me boys ‘ave had our eyes open the whole night, not one person going down here looked anything suspicious, I’ve got nose for these kinds of things, you see.”
“And how much was stolen exactly, might I ask”
“Not much; a few ordinary gemstones, some old antique coins and a collection of rare diamonds, all of this could fit in a few pockets.”
“This looks like a work of a professional, perhaps there is some new acid in development, or some strength increasing potions are in stock; if it is so, we must find ways prevent further heists like this one.”
“Sir, what if it was a dragon in human form, that would explain everything”
“You are talking nonsense foreman.”
“No…no, humour me, what if some dragon wants to find a new hoard, so they take a human form, go to a bank, go downstairs, shapeshift back, use their dragon fire to melt our doors and…”
“And take a handful of coins and gems?”
“Well of course, to confuse us, these dragons are sly creatures, wanted to get us on the wrong tracks; oh, but some overgrown lizard ain’t outsmarting me.”
“And why would they do that exactly.”
“I don’t know and that bothers me most, but they are always up to no good, believe me sir, there is some deep conspiracy behind this all.”
“A conspiracy…?”
“A right and proper one boss, these are dark times we are living in, and if dragons have to rob our vaults it means something’s about to go down. I feel that in me bones sir and my bones ain’t never lying.”
“All right then, I’ll write in my report to the guard, that our bank has been robbed by a shapeshifting dragon, stealing a bunch of gems and coins, without anyone noticing and managing to melt our steel vault doors without a sign of fire anywhere else.”
“Seems about right to me boss.”
“I just hope that this won’t lead to too much paperwork.”

An overheard conversation between a bank owner and his foreman.
Tthis incident would later lead to the infamous Joytown dragon hunts; which resulted in thirty three imprisonments, seventeen public humiliations, seven executions and one falling accident.