It's this time of the year again. We at Rudok's Tavern wish all of you amazing beings "Merry Christmas"

May your tabletops be joined by wondrous people. May your dice and minis addictions be quenched once you look under the Christmas tree. May all of your hit point maximums be increased by 2d10 thanks to all the Heroes' Feasts you are about to have, and may you all gain the charmed condition due to the presence of your loved ones.


We shall be posting a few Christmas themed things in the meantime, as well as some freebies from our Patreon. But primarily we want to thank each one of you who support us in any way, and we hope you all shall have absolutely marvelous holidays. Enjoy yourselves and look out for mimics disguised as presents.

And what will you get in your Gift?

Festive Rudok's Tavern map

Christmas-themed Card Back

Merry Homebrew

You will also get few rewards from our patreon!

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