The Monster Commision is priced at 59$, Once you purchase it, we will contact you through email as soon as possible (probably 1-2 days), and will start working on the details of your creature.

The Monster Comissions consist of an artwork, a statblock and a card, done in the same manner as other creatures on our website. During the first few days of your purchase, we shall be presenting some sketches and ideas to you, and once you are satisfied, we will send you the finished creature.

You should have your finished creature within 30 days of purchase, the real waiting time should be quite lower, but it all depends on communication and our ability to create something to your satisfaction.

Your final product shall be publicly posted on our Web and Intagram pages (This is somehow bendable, if need be)

If you have any questions about our commisions, you can contact us through our E-mail (, and we can send you some referential material if you want.

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