Footman of Corruption

(“Chronicles of the Bleesed Age – The Blüdhafen Massacre, Volume I” Written by royal chronicler Vojen of Sivas, written 21st of June, Year 150 of the Blessed Age, Sonnendorf)
The Blüdhafen Massacre remains to this day a bloody stain on the history of our great empire. But it is also a reminder of our resolve and faith.
This dreadful event began in the eve of the 29th February, in the Year 123 of the Blessed Age, and it remains one of the most terrible atrocities that have happened in the last 150 years of divine rule.
The citizens of Blüdhafen were awakened from their sleep in this horrible night by bloodcurdling screams of terror, and by the bright light of fires.
It is not from whence they came, but the entire city was overrun with horrible monsters and abominations that were slaughtering everyone they came upon, and turning them into twisted indescribable perversions of their former selves.
More than half of the city guard and soldiers were killed in the first hour of the attack, as no one was prepared for an attack of such a scale and nature from inside the city. Everyone hoped that duke Marion de Valle would open the gates of his keep and begin securing the city one district after another, but after the initial wave of monsters had slaughtered many of his soldiers, he retreated into the castle with his remaining men-at-arms. The surviving forces inside the city were scattered and disorganized, and the only resistance came from small separate groups of individuals that tried to save as many people as they could and fortified themselves in a secure position. During this darkest hour, unlikely alliances were made to fight an enemy willing to destroy all. Many citizens were saved due to the bravery of greedy mercenaries, untrustworthy adventurers and ostracized non-humans, proving that despite our differences, we are united in our faith in Zuthar and in our emperor.
But two names came from this event spoken louder than others: guard lieutenant Viezmar of Blüdhafen and Knight Captain Dietrich Menge; without whom the city, and perhaps the entire kingdom, would have fallen.
It was reported by many witnesses that Viezmar of Blüdhafen ignited the first spark of hope the citizens of the city so desperately needed. As the city guard barracks was one of the first locations to fall to the monsters, it was assumed that he had died in the crushing first wave, as he was missing both before and after the attack. That’s why it was such a shock when he was found by a group of his guardsman, who were trying to save as many innocents as possible, cutting his way through the monsters alone, heading towards the duke’s keep.
It is rumoured that when told about the castle’s gates being shut, the lieutenant cursed the duke for cowardly letting thousands of civilians die, a curse apparently so righteous and just, that Zuthar himself paid heed to his words.
Upon hearing of this, the lieutenant asked his man to follow him, saying that together they would gather any survivors they find, and they will hold on for as long as possible.
And so this small group, lead by lieutenant Viezmar, charged against the current of darkness and tried not to get swept away by its tendrils. It is said that this company of heroes killed hundreds of abominations in their righteous fury and for every inch of footing they secured, more survivors joined them in their fight. Those incapable of fight tended to the wounded and took care of any supplies that were found along the way.
But once this legion of faithful became larger, the small confines of the city streets shifted from tactical advantages, to gruesome meat-grinders and it was decided that they shall move to the market square, where they will make their final stand until the last one of them has fallen.
Using anything at hand, a wooden encampment of sorts with a vast pyre in the middle was built in the middle of the square. This pyre served a purpose both metaphorical and literal, it was a rally to all the survivors in the city that they are not alone, and served as a single point of light against the endless waves of darkness.
Small cells of skilled individuals were still being sent deeper into the city to save others, but it was obvious that if the life and soul of the city were to be extinguished, it would be here.
But no matter the bravery and dedication of the defenders, it was obvious to all that these measures only delayed the inevitable, for the horrendous stream of new abominations coming from the wretched wicked cathedral of the paladin chapter was unending.
Their only chance was to endure and hope. We still do not know what they had really hoped for; was it salvation and help, or did they wish for a swift uncorrupted death?

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