Fountain Horror

Veteran adventurers are often wary of treasure chests, for creatures known as mimics often use them as a disguise for their nefarious purposes. But what if a mimic is so ancient and enormous, that they can’t masquerade as something so small anymore, Some take on the shapes of entire treasure rooms, others take a form of a roaming ghost ship ready to be plundered. This particular mimic found its haven in the mesmerizing gardens of Viviene’s manor and developed a symbiotic relationship with the elven necromancer. It disposes of wealth-craving interlopers, and in return it is cared for and fed unusable remains of misfortunate prisoners. In its hidden state it has a distinct shape of an imposing marble fountain. Filled with crystal clear water, under the surface of which glisten hundreds of coins and gems. But all that is an illusion, for if a curious individual were to reach for these riches, he will only find himself enveloped by an array of needle-like teeth.

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