The Mong King

This small verminous race, has for long plagued the lives of miners and underground dwellers, such as dwarves. They are very proficient tunnelers and lead a nomadic style of life, meaning that the tribe moves every time a hospitable cavern or an underground source of water is found. However, since there is no planning involved in the creation of their tunnels, they often manage to dig themselves into already existing mines or underground cities, which they may proclaim as the seat of their kingdom and anything that is to be found there is considered their rightful property. If a conflict were to take place, they are neither brave nor cunning, usually relying on their overwhelming numbers. Unable to create anything but primitive tools, most successful tribes rely on stealing, or usurping more advanced equipment and weaponry.
This mong in particular came to power, when he accidentally managed to drop a part of a ceiling and himself onto an unsuspecting beholder. Claiming the kill and its lair as his own, this deed gave him the title of a mong king and many tribes pledged themselves under his rule. In the beholders lair the king found many treasures and shinies, which he all claimed for himself. He was immensely intrigued by magical artefacts found there, for mongs do not understand the concept of magic and are deeply in awe of anything they do not understand. Having a vision of grandeur and indescribable power, that more magical items would give to him, his tribe and his race; he decided to amass as many mongs he could and venture into the unknown, searching for anything magic and for anyone who could teach him about it. He and his tribe dug deep, but as they neared the core of the world, the ever-shifting vortex of pure primal, chaotic magical energy, the tribe encountered an anomaly, in a cavern they found a massive maw of blinding light began sucking them in, the force was such, that only a handful of mongs managed to save themselves from it. The other kobolds were sucked into the astral plane and then dispersed all over the realms. That is the reason, why mongs can even be found even in demonic and celestial planes. But the king and few of his kinsmen were fortunate enough to find themselves in a demiplane of Viviene’s manor, a place full of magic. He declared the place his seat of power, but after a confrontation with the guardians of the place, he was forced to retreat to the nether depths of the manor. But he wows, that the manor and its secrets, will one day be his.

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