Crassius Bonesworth

Renowned for his utterly loyal and dutiful servitude in life, sacrificing himself to save the family of his master during a bandit attack; Crassius was given the gift of undeath by an ambitious necromancer seeking the services of this devoted servant. His wit and intelligence unchanged, Crassius was to become the caretaker and majordomo in the necromancer’s remote manor. Never one to shrink his duties and avoid his responsibilities, Crassius tended the gardens, the estate, the secret dungeons and laboratories, he became the closest confidante to the powerful necromancer, for whom he had the utmost respect. But at some point his master’s visits became infrequent and scarce, until they stopped altogether. And with Crassius bound to his master’s household, doubts started haunting his mind. After centuries of complete loneliness, he became a twisted shell of his former self, a cruel, delusional and eccentric, with only the faith of his master’s return keeping him on the verges of sanity. During this time he began to study his master’s books filled with arcane knowledge. Learning of magic, eldritch rituals and abominable experiments, which he was all too keen to put into practice. During these years, the manor changed from a beautiful haven, into a haunted bastion of primordial evil, filled with failed experiments, spectral oddities and indescribable abominations. It was in this state, in which Viviene Springleaf found the manor, when she received the teleportation stone leading here. Crassius was a broken, insane man by then, attacking Viviene on sight. But after being told that she was to be his new mistress, and that his servitude will again be appreciated and put to good use, his clouded mind was after centuries of torture once again filled with purpose.

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