Pet Subject

With the new uninvited visitors to the manor and the increasing influx of prisoners, guests and allies. The manor and its dungeons were in dire need of a guardian who could patrol the halls and dispose of any interlopers, wrongdoers or escapees that would be foolish enough to brave them. Fortunately, Crassius already had a being just for that job. A disgusting abomination of feline and scorpioid anatomy; it is cunning, silent, lethal, but most importantly, loyal. Whilst utterly bestial in nature, it proved itself to be quite intelligent, often learning from its opponents and toying with them. It does not primarily hunt for sustenance, but for sport. It is yet unknown whether the monster gains pleasure from simply outsmarting and killing its victims or from fulfilling its master’s wishes and gaining their gratitude. The creature is remarkably good at stealth, melding with the shadows as to seem almost invisible, usually utilizing this skill to kill its prey in one overwhelming ambush. If that fails, it mostly uses its ability to blink in and out of existence for quick successive hit and runs from different sides. Whilst a formidable opponent, this beast knows it is not fit for fights against groups or in well lit environments and will always try to flee from these fights if possible, and will eventually try to pick off its prey one by one, during a more favourable situation. But if it is forced to fight on such unadvantageous, the source of light will always be its first target.

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