Now let me tell you that traversing through a deep and dangerous bog is a phenomenal affair for a traveller of acquired tastes, who finds only boredom in the commonness of mouldy caves and ruins.

(Indeed, especially treacherous bogs with unending supply of mosquitos, soul harvesting creatures, carnivorous animals, carnivorous plants, carnivorous mushrooms, and more poisonous food than in a usual kobold tavern.)

Anyway, we were strolling through this beautiful garden of life, following the ghastly corruption that was supposed to be emanating from the strange mask-making creature…and well…
Long story short, we found them quite quickly. I know that this story seems a little bit lacking, but unfortunately this endeavour was merely profitable, but hardly exciting.
The soul collector was a nice little fellow, very courteous, and he was a joy to deal with.

(Yeah, why don’t you go on with the story, I think the customer needs a little bit of context as to why the bog-creature was such a swell person…ish thing.)

Well we met him by accident really, I fell into the bog and suddenly I feel something tugging my leg and dragging me a little bit deeper.
I suspected that someone must have fallen there just before me, and I dragged him out of the dirty water and unto the shore.
He must have been in an incredible shocked, for he grabbed me by the neck once we got out and wouldn’t let go. I smacked a little bit of sense into him to wake him up and everything was in order.

(I hope you are beginning to understand how courteous the bog-creature was, if not then…enjoy this very wholesome story, there’s no point saving you anyway)

After the misunderstanding was over the bog-man was so overjoyed with our company that he started shaking my hand intensely, mumbling some weird things while doing that.
Something must have fallen into his eyes though, because they turned milky white in an instant, and he suddenly started panicking a little.

(Braxigor has something called a talisman of spell turning, let that sink in…)

And suddenly the Bog-man was kneeling before us, with arms raised, and begging us to take his possessions, we obliged to help the poor creature with its material suffering of course and decided to do just that. By the way he was pleading, he must had been really desperate to give that stuff away.

(Well I think the bruising he got along the way also helped.)

And such was our boring bargain with the creature of the bog.

(He was called Dr. Mráček btw… just wanted to share it because I found it funny) We were told that it would be a horrible soul stealing abomination, a cunning and mischievous mastermind who would try to kill us and torment us for eternity, but it was just some poor creature who wanted to get rid of its very special teapot collection, let me show it to you, I’m sure you will find them very purchasable indeed.

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