Ghost of the Steppes

So these Ghosts of the Steppes I’ve told you about, they are a marvel to behold. A head of a mighty lizard full of venomous sharp teeth. The strong muscled body of a skilled and agile predator, and a fearsome girthy tail pulsating with raw untamed magical energy. I have trouble talking about them without getting really…really excited.

(We didn’t have to know that.)

But no matter how absolutely awesome they are, you usually don’t want to brawl with them without a proper weapon and equipment, and all I had was my best looking hide and a small hatchet.
My personal situation however offered both a significant advantage, and a potentially fatal disadvantage: I apparently stumbled into a contested territory between two mature Ghosts who were just settling their disputes.
I hid behind a boulder to watch such a marvellous battle, and I have to admit even now that seeing the raw power of the two fighting ghosts is something that overjoyed my inner minotaur. I suppose that leaving the place should have perhaps crossed my mind, but one couldn’t turn away from the magnificent spectacle.

(Yes, because gawking at two killing machines while they don’t pay attention to you is the most sensible thing to do)

It was a battle of both raw physical power and of outbursts of magical energy and colourful fireworks of spells brightening the now moonlit sky. But eventually one ghost triumphed over the other in a phenomenal display of peak predatory performance and let out a victorious roar.
I was so caught up in the moment that I somehow might have forgotten to stay completely hidden, and the keen ghost saw me.

(I never thought I would say that, but it seems you are the picture of wisdom when compared to your younger self)

It’s true that I was a little more…reckless in my younger years, but back to the story:
A mighty battle ensued, a true test of mettle and strength. A colossal fight between two legendary combatants facing themselves in a conflict that would be very evenly matched, were it not for my wits that gave me the edge.

(I remember you told me a very different story last time.)

I most certainly didn’t, this is how it was… more or less.

(Truly? Don’t you perchance remember the time you got questioned in that zone of truth in that old temple a while back)

I remember that I had said exactly what I am saying now.

(But you forgot the best part, the juicy details of this “fight of the century”)

I seem to remember it differently than you.

(Well my memory is as good as new, so let me tell you what happened:
The ghost cast a powerful spell at Braxigor, it missed, it hit a tree instead, the tree fell…on the ghost…the ghost died instantly. Did I forget anything?)

You didn’t have to put it like that. And standing in front of the tree was a deliberate strategy. If the ghost were to appear here now, it would admit that I defeated if fairly and skilfully.
(But if my mind serves right, you also forgot to tell all that to the minotaur hunting party that had been tracking that ghost for days and that arrived a few moments after. And you also forgot to tell them that you found yourself there because of a very different prey, which you failed to track.)

They didn’t ask, I didn’t want to worsen their day.


So that concludes the story, now that you know what I had to achieve to receive this armour I assume that you are very interested in buying it. But we should first do a practical demo…

(Oh, what a shame, I have already sold the armour. The customer was so enthusiastic about it they didn’t even need the demonstration. But these things happen it seems.)

But we can still…

(And let’s look at some other things right, I’m sure we can find something in here that will spark your interest just like this armour did, perhaps it might even “unlock” some doors for you.)

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