An automated siege equipment was one of the first ideas that came to dwarven minds with the discovery of core fragments. Firing high powered metal cannonballs due to the magical discharge caused by the fragments, the Guntomaton far surpasses the ordinary cannon in both utility and destructive potential. Thanks to its adjustive torso, it can serve as both a cannon and a mortar, but it needs some time to change between these modes. As a fully automated construct, it follows any orders given to it by its masters, but doesn’t act on its own volition. An operator is not needed for the gunautomaton to work, but it heavily recommended, for the construct is unable to reload conventional ammunition on its own and fires bolts of lightning instead, if it is not loaded. The operator can also give it direct commands in the heat of battle and optimize its accuracy. Whilst utterly loyal and compliant, it has some sense of self preservation and will discharge a burst of electric energy if threatened or damaged, much to the displeasure of its operators. So far we believe we have improved the process of creating automatons, for this type hasn’t demonstrated any strange behaviour like the rest so far; however it led to a decrease in autonomy and overall power. Perhaps after few more years of experience this problem will be fixed, but so far the risk of a deranged brigade of murderous automatic cannons running loose would be too worrisome to handle.

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