Forge Guardian

Since the discovery of the core fragments, security and order needed to be maintained in the now bustling dwarven city of Smältdurg, and the creation of Forge Guardians was the first step keeping order. Nothing but chassis of brass and steel, the remarkable feature of these beings is the core fragment plunged in the middle of their chests protruding from both sides of the body. From this fragment spark constant volleys of orange energy that passes through the many wires and tubes u to the eyes that glow with an almost fiery gaze. There is a slight problem with them, and that is that they are entirely out of our control. We thought they listened to us, but as we made more and more, it became apparent that our orders were not their priority; fortunately thought we do not understand why, their whole focus in on the safekeeping and betterment of our city. They help with heavy burdens, they craft superb items, they even build houses, and all that without obeying any of us. There is a slight jurisdictional problem, for they also took on the role of our guards and peacekeepers, but their answer to any crime they witness is death, which caused some trouble among the community. They certainly are an enigma; each a vigilante, each a serf, each a soldier. Let just hope that they won’t soon find us a threat to their city.

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