Sprouting Quiver

As we encountered and fought more treestriders, we recognized some form of hierarchy in their system. They work in groups or cells and many of these cells have different purposes and skills. The most cells we encountered were mostly ambushers and scouts, for which the nickname: “Stalkers” seemed to latch on; skilled and dangerous, but not as well equipped and not meant for dire clashes. A different story is the type of cell we started to call the “Hunters”. Hunters are vicious murderers killing either dangerous and “worthy” monsters or us, they also have a habit of feasting on the raw flesh of their victims (be it animals, monsters or humanoids) and donning themselves with trophies made from the carcasses. Each hunter group has a leader, an individual we started calling the “huntmaster”. We have yet to capture one, either dead or alive to study their equipment, abilities and personality, but from the reports given to us by the occasional survivors of their attacks, they are especially deadly and posses some sort of druidic magic, for they seem to turn the forest itself against us. The more time our expedition spends in this forest the less I believe in our survival, but lately the number of ambushes and attacks has decreased; perhaps the sylvans are ready to negotiate with us. However I suspect, that we merely stumbled into a part of the forest that even they do not dare enter. If that is so, I pray to all the gods that the creatures inhabiting it can be reasoned with.