Core Miner

The initial observations concerning the core fragments led the populus to believe that their effects on living beings were entirely of a psychological nature; but unbeknownst to them, further research found that exponentially longer and periodical exposure, or direct body contact, led to much more severe results. The first noticeable sign was a very amber-like hue to the eyes, much more pronounced on the individuals not wearing any form of safety glasses whilst interacting with the material. This later evolved into a sort of a glint in the eyes noticeable even in dark environments, not unlike the glint seen among the predatory night creatures living in the world above. The vast majority of the affected described an improvement in dark vision thereafter, which stirred the talks about not only mechanical, but also organic improvements and augments among the academics. After several tests it was also found out, that ingestion of powdered core fragments and their application on wounds accelerated the healing processes and overall immunity and well being on tested individuals. Since the exposure to the core fragments was always very brief and methodical, it seemed that a bypass to the harmful psychological effects of raw fragments was found. The only side effects noted were the eye-glint and occasional regurgitation of ingested core dust, but they were swept aside as miniscule. So the dust started to be manufactured as a healing device for miners, for they already were subjected to it anyway and this could only accelerate any yet unknown effects of fragment dust. The miners would find this change benign, for they would soon notice an increase in strength and endurance and a higher tolerance to the hallucinations and lunacies caused by the fragments. It was after a while that the miners reported strange amber crystalline cysts forming on their bodies and difficulties breathing and excreting. The reports also mentioned the growing addiction to the fragment tinctures and ointments and unwillingness to remove the rapidly growing crystalline cysts. With a sense of dread our team resorted to desperate measures and we tried to overdose an already lunatic miner on as much fragment dust as possible to see the results. It took only a few days before a husk of a creature stood before us. Core fragments protruding from his body and found in his organs after a later autopsy. Bared of any emotions and personality he resembled a walking shambling corpse. Almost incapable of speech, only words we heard from him were: “Need to cure, Need to cure.” before he attacked one of our researchers with the crystalline remains that was once his hand. Seeing this we sent a message to all our experimental mining groups to return as soon as possible, but our worst fears came to pass. Not a single one of our teams responded back.

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