Avatar of the Core

As the mining expeditions dug deeper and deeper, and the many problems and accidents started to take place, often leading to deaths and disappearances of the miners, a rumour started circulating among the workers. That something was trying to protect the fragments, something was hunting down anyone who defiled the fragment veins. A territorial elemental perhaps, or some abhorrent animal the likes of giant spiders and man-eating worms. There was one miner, that presumably survived one such onslaught, but he was half mad, hiding in one of the tunnels and terrified out of his mind. He was rambling about some crystalline otherworldly creature that was made out of the shards themselves, it apparently seemed gentle and elegant at first with almost feminine grace to it. It was by all accounts very alien, but as soon as it saw the mining equipment it started emotionlessly incinerating the miners with some sort of energy blasts. But the Dwarf was probably delirious, many kinds of hallucinations involving the crystals have been afflicting the lads lately. But it is probably only due to the amount of time spent surrounded by them, everyone would have nightmares about something if they spent entire weeks trying to work with it. I think that there is some beast killing and terrifying our men, but that’s all it is, a beast, and a beast can be killed. Though I have to agree that I don’t have a good feeling about this whole ordeal, it just seems as if we are being watched, or as if there is more to this thing than meets the eye.

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