Treestrider’s Bow

The wood elves of the Fey Forest, also known as “Sylvans” have a very primal and ritualistic society that is in its entirety dependent on the nature that surrounds them. While this deprives them of most means of expansion and conquering, their strange symbiosis with their land makes them seem almost otherworldly if encountered in their home territory. While some folk have traded, bargained and otherwise interacted with the Sylvans in a non violent manner, it always happened on the outskirts of the forest and the elves referred to themselves as treestriders. It is generally unknown whether that is a caste or a profession of sorts, but we know that these treestriders serve the role of: scouts, sentries and negotiators with the world outside of their homeland. If fought, they are silent and deadly; striking from the canopies with their heavily ornamented bows, that they value more than their lives. The few bows we managed to obtain radiated magical power when studied, but their powers never seemed to reveal themselves to us. Each report from the survivors of Sylvan attacks also mention that the ambushed were preceded by unusual activity from wild animals in the vicinity, mostly birds and stags, but even other unknown queer animals; And sometimes the animals would attack simultaneously with the ambushers. We do not know whether the animals tame these animals, or if it is due some of their rituals, but we should be careful anyway. While these elusive treestriders and sylvans in general are very dangerous, they are still mortals we can deal with, peacefully or otherwise; but this forest is much older than any elf or mortal for that matter and I am afraid what else might inhabit these dark woods.

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