The forest is home to many peculiar creature, but few are as elegant and graceful as the Feymare. They are very shy, however also remarkably curious. If anything of note is taking place in the forest, you can be certain that a feymare will be observing the events nearby, and if it is noticed, it will vanish faster than a gust of wind. A rather queer was the finding that they are in fact carnivores, as species of similar kind such as unicorns or pegasi are primarily herbivores. But even stranger is the way they hunt their prey, for their killing method seems to be purely magical, their eyes and horns start glowing and a creature they are looking at drops dead to the ground. It is an unsettling sight to see such a gentle creature covered in blood and consuming the remains, even though such is the way of life in the wilderness. Whilst shy, they are somewhat attracted to fair and charming individuals which they occasionally approach whilst they are alone; they are also attracted to jewellery which they like to adorn their horns with. Even though their gory appetite ordeal would make many think otherwise, when interacting with civilised races, they prove themselves to be gentle and playful, however when playfulness is concerned their innate fey nature emerges. They are inherently quite proficient in magic powers involving the mind and illusions and they often use them to trick and prank other creatures in the forest, and the more misfortune it causes, the more it amuses them. We have seen examples of birds hitting invisible trees, Bears mistaking various creatures for their cubs (one member of our expedition included), and frogs trying to swim half a mile away from any water source. During the few times we have met these specimen, we concluded that they are to carefree and freedom loving to tame, but we have heard of certain individuals that managed to gain a Feymare’s trust and it became a lifelong companion, however I say that these tales are poppycock.

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