Our incursion into the part of the forest uninhabited by sylvans stirred up my scholarly instincts, for we had surely ventured into a place no other civilised individual ever dared to explore and research. At first I was flabbergasted by the complete change of scenery surrounding our group. The other members of our expedition, who I dare call brutish and uneducated, seemed to ignore the pronounced alienness of the forest around us, and insisted on not collecting or interacting with anything . The first major change was the immense amount of mushrooms, which were largely scarce in the forest prior to this experience. But not only were there many of them, but they grew to sizes I couldn’t comprehend and they glowed with queer purple luminescence. I decided that heeding the order of caution issued by the expedition leader does not surpass my scientific duty and I began to approach one of the tree-like mushrooms to observe some of its fine details and to collect some samples of its spawn . It was a rash and foolish errand to walk carelessly in such an unusual environment, but perhaps no harm would be done if one youthful fellow didn’t decide to stop me in my tracks when he saw be stumbling towards the unusual growth. As he was rushing towards me, he stepped on something I had considered to be part of the forest floor. It released some sort of vapour or gas that burned holes in his flesh, often leaving only signs of bared bones where his flesh used to be. I stood there in horror as the others dragged him to safety, and feared the moment of looking him in the eye. However I was relieved of such an act, for when I decided to check up on him, there was nothing but white in his eyes.

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