Not only were the natural hazards of the newfound fungal region substantial, but unfortunately we were given no quarter in the realm of living adversaries as well. The elves whilst brutal and savage at least had a purpose in their acts, to drive us, the interlopers, from their domain. But we have yet to find a method to the madness of our new enemy. We heard these creatures sooner than we had seen them, for they were constantly producing loud ram-like growls, which earned them their nickname “shriekers” that echoed in the growth around us. There surely must be an enormous number of them here, for the sound was so loud it was impossible to concentrate and it never stopped. When we first saw one, it was trying to plant some eyesores in our supply wagon and when discovered it attacked with brutish ferocity and killed three people before it had been brought down. The few sylvan exiles and outcasts who were willing to trade information with us told us, that these creatures are evil woodland spirits called Hejkals, manifestations of the wild, savage and unpredictable part of nature; but these sylvans while still outcasts, still share the superstitious and ritualistic mentality of their kind and it would be best to not take their tales at face value. But no matter what their nature is, they are cruel, cunning and mischievous. Whilst their intelligence seems beast-like when observed, they are clearly capable of some higher level form of thinking, since they quickly found the most efficient ways to cause chaos among our expedition, which is so far the only purpose we have been able to observe. So far we had to deal with broken wheels, strangled patrols, animals being either killed or let loose, eyesores being planted around our camp and on our travel paths, food and water supplies being poisoned and our equipment stolen; and I am afraid that more is to come. While these actions are a nuisance, they are to be expected from creatures of fey heritage, and can be handled if proper precautions are taken. However it would seem that the deeper into the forest we go, the more aggressive and less subtle they are, almost as if they were desperate; and instead of annoying us, they form into groups and attacks us without any concern for their own safety. These attacks were always preceded by a sudden silence from the ever-present growling, that after some time turned into a vicious battlecry. They attack by tens or hundreds, and fight without any sense of fear or strategy. I am beginning to wonder, what secrets the depths of this forest must hold, if it is so tenaciously guarded.

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