Crystalline Staff

Our Tavern was running as usual, drinks were being served, rooms were being ordered and patrons were cheerfully listening to the most recent tale that was being told. But then a sudden loud BANG! sound stirred quite a ruckus in the tavern. Some patrons quickly jumped from their seats, some spilled their drinks and others had their own unique reaction to this explosive noise. When all came back to their senses, they finally noticed the cause of this upheaval. In the middle of the tavern now stood a handsome bearded man holding a very alien looking staff with a violet crystalline tip around which circled a number of similar violet crystalline shards. There was looking at his staff with obvious glee, muttering the words “Well would you look at that, it actually works.” to himself. He then looked at the befuddled people surrounding and with a deep husky voice proclaimed: “Greetings friends, I came on behalf of the Coalition and I bring tales of my own to whomever is interested. Just use the magic formula ‘noitilaocdndeht’ and you shall be transported there in an instant.” The enigmatic handsome bearded man then slammed his staff into the ground, and with another sudden “BANG” vanished from our tavern.

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