Chromatic Red Slug

We dared not go outside as the colossal battle of ice and fire was raging behind the tavern’s doors. We would probably end up a hindrance at best and a casualty at worst. What we did however in this moment of respite, was to renew the magical defences around our tavern and to prepare to move our tavern into the astral plane for awhile if the things were to go even more downhill. That however remained unnecessary as after a substantial passage of moments, a cease of explosions and sounds of war took place in the cold outside, and judging by the weakening of the blizzard that kept on barraging our tavern with destructive hails, it seemed to have gone in our favour. Soon thereafter, the stranger from the Coalition entered the tavern once more. Covered in frostbites and visibly bruised and beaten, yet still without any significant harm they walked up towards the bar in search of the cold drink they ordered before their venture into the midst of combat. As our service is impeccable, it was already waiting for them, and due to the special circumstances, this drink all next this evening would be on the house. This resulted in a significant cheering that had overshadowed the thoughts about the almost fatal ice elemental affair. As the carousing reached new heights, the stranger approached us and gave a pouch and a rolled piece of parchment into our hands. “People like us ought to stick together. This should help you if you have any more problems with these ice creatures.” We looked into the pouch and were overwhelmed by an immense heat coming from within. It was filled with strange bullets that were covered in metallic coat, but inside they were of an almost molten lava-like amorphous substance, and the parchment conveyed information on how to create once this supply runs out. We wanted to thank the stranger for everything they had done, but once we looked up from the gift we were examining, they were no longer there. It was once again that we were amazed by the deeds and wonders of an individual coming to our tavern on behalf of the coalition, which raised a particular unspoken question in our minds: What will this Coalition amaze us with next time.

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