Dragol the Emberlance

It was in the middle of this season of frost that our new tavern was baptised by its first bigger commotion. We were still getting used to the new establishment when we realized that something what we thought was just a slight inconvenience might grow into a very substantial problem. You see, while our tavern was extraplanar in nature and could be entered from various other planes of existence, it still had to be anchored in a specific worldly location, and that location was a certain domain of ice and cold (for the purposes of cooling beverages). At first, when the winter was still young, we noticed that the realm was occupied by various ice elementals and other creatures of that sort, but they were rather benign and indifferent to our fine establishment. However as the winter went on and on, we saw that these elementals began to grow bigger and more aggressive, so much so that guards had to be stationed outside to ward off these destructive beings. This status quo, while not optimal, was still rather manageable, but then came the blizzard. A hailstorm the like of which we have never seen. Under normal circumstances, our tavern is warded from the effects of nature and outside force, but this storm was of a different sort, and our defences were meaningless. That was also when the elementals attacked our tavern in full force. Some of our more adventurous and heroic patrons started barring windows and doors, prepared a defensible enough position, and waited for the attack while our tavern was shaking due to the combined force of the storm and the attack. Many lives would have probably been lost, if it weren’t for a single stranger occupying the tavern at that time. A hooded figure that calmly remained in their seat for the duration of the commotion until their drink was finished. Once their flagon was empty, they tossed a coin to the bartender and started walking towards the exit of the tavern. As they were walking, we and the other patrons noticed a strange firearm-like contraption holstered at their side. When they finally reached the door the whole tavern was silent, flabbergasted by the suicidal madness of this individual. The stranger however only unholstered their weapon with an elegant twist around its trigger. They then turned towards all the other patrons, and their firearm suddenly burst with a spray of dragon-like flame. They then simply said: “The Coalition sends its regards.” They then nodded towards the bartender “A cold one for the whole tavern barkeep, coz it’s about to get hot.” And with that, the stranger brazenly kicked out the front door of the tavern, with a flaming weapon in hand, and a confident smile on their face.

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