Monster Looting Rules

Monster loot is a special optional mechanic we have started to create for our monsters. Creatures from our Tavern you encounter have a number of items and resources that can be potentially looted from them once they are dealt with. This loot comes in three categories, which dictate how that loot is gained or harvested. 

Gear (G): Gear loot represents items the creature is actively using. If you give Gear to a creature, they will be attuned to it if required and use it in combat as part of their toolkit which might increase the difficulty of that encounter.
If a creature has gear loot, it will 100% appear and be functional after the creature is killed unless it was somewhat destroyed due to prior events in combat (like it being dropped in lava). Or if it wasn’t a consumable type of item that the creature has used up in the encounter.

Accessories (A): Items in this category do not increase the creature’s difficulty or abilities in any way. They are either not used, attuned to, worn, or their powers are already part of the creature’s normal features. There is a random chance that they are found on the creature’s body or in their lair once it is overcome. 

We recommend three possible ways to decide which Accessories appear after the encounter. 

  1. You (the GM) choose which ones you want to appear based on your own preferences
  2. You roll a percentage die for each item individually and decide based on its % chance to appear 
  3. You let the players see the entire Loot Table along with some short description of each accessory and % chances, and allow them to use a system we call Adventurer’s Fortune, it works like this:
    • The party as a whole gains two % dice. They then choose an Accessory and roll one of their dice. If they roll equal or lower than the Accessory’s % chance, they gain that Accessory and they are allowed to roll the die again for a different item.
      If they roll higher than the Accessory’s % chance, they lose that die and cannot use it again for that Creature’s Loot. The party is allowed to roll until they lose all of their dice, or until they manage to get all of the creature’s possible loot.
      A single accessory cannot be rolled for multiple times unless stated otherwise. 

Material (M): These are natural parts of the creature that have to be successfully extracted or harvested from the creature before they can be properly sold or used further. Once harvested, some of these Material items can be used as resources, components or can be refined into something even more valuable.

Most Material loot requires a specific skill check to be harvested from the defeated creature (Harvest DC) that is made once you spend enough time harvesting the creature (Harvesting Time). Failing on this check results in the Material being wasted and unrecoverable. If you fail on this check by 5 or more, you also destroy any other Material loot still harvestable from the creature. The Harvest DC increases by 1 for each 24 hours since the creature died.
The harvesting skill check required is often not only about being able to physically remove the body part, but about also managing to keep the part’s inherent magical properties or powers. This is why many of the Harvesting Checks will require skills not associated with skinning or harvesting. 

Some Material loot has a % chance, This represents parts that are not present in every specimen, or that are easily damaged or rendered useless on death. They  should be rolled for individually by the GM. 

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