Dreamweave Veil

Rare Wondrous Item (Veil), Requires Attunement

Threads of Dreamscape. While wearing this veil, you gain a +5 bonus to Insight and Investigation checks against Fey or creatures and objects associated with them, and against objects and creatures affected by illusion and transmutation spells changing or hiding their true appearance. 

You can also use your Action to try and reveal to you which creature you can see within 60 feet of you has their mind unwillingly influenced by some magical effect. You roll a Charisma ability check, and each creature that caused the mind influence must make one as well:

  • If they roll lower, you immediately recognize who they are influencing, and how the influencing creature looks like, appearing as a spectral image behind the influenced creature, connected to them by a thin spectral thread.
    • You can see these spectres for 1 hour, and while you do, you can start to telepathically communicate with the influencing creature as long as their influenced creature is within your line of sight.
  • If they roll higher, their influenced creature appears as if it was under no magical influencing effect.
  • If an influencing creature rolls 10 or more on their ability check, they immediately realise that someone was trying to detect their magical effect on that specific influenced creature.  

Creatures that are not influenced by other creatures but instead by other means are revealed automatically, and you find out how exactly they are influenced.
You can use this ability a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus per long rest. 

Astral Walk. Once during a long rest you can project an astral copy of yourself to a place or a creature that you know and can vividly visualise. You appear in this place and can sense, act, use items and do actions as if it was the real you with full hit points and resources, but your real body stays in a catatonic state from which it cannot be awoken until you finish your long rest. 
Your astral self lasts for 1 hour, until you finish your long rest, or until you spend 1 minute concentrating to return to your body.
Once your long rest is finished, any loss of items, HP or resources that happened in your astral self is transferred to your real body.
If your astral self dies, your real body stays in the catatonic sleep and can only be awoken by a Wish spell. 

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