Fabled Gauntlets

Rare Wondrous Item (Gloves), Requires Attunement 

Mythical Manifestation. These gauntlets give the wearer an aura that accentuates all their physical features and makes them resemble beings from myths and legends, the handsome and charming become majestic and beautiful, the ugly and scary become terrifying and powerful looking. 

  • While attuned to these gauntlets, you gain either a 1d6 bonus to Persuasion or Intimidation Check. You choose which when you first attune to the item, or it is chosen by the GM based on alignment or on the appearance and demeanor of your character. 
  • Weapons and powers you wield while attuned to these gauntlets gain a more magical appearance and power. Your Attacks are considered magical and you gain a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls.
    This bonus does not stack with other features that grant a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls.

Weapons of Legends (Recharge 5-6). As a bonus action, you can imbue these gauntlets and any weapon you are wielding with power that gives them the appearance and power of a legendary artefact until the end of your turn. 

The bonus to attack and damage rolls this item gives is increased to +3, and your attacks deal extra 1d6 necrotic or radiant damage (Same rulings as with Mythical Manifestation).

Lost in the Land of Fables. Once per long rest as an action, you can create a conjunction between the real world and the land of fables in a 30-foot dome around you that lasts until the end of your next turn.
The area starts to constantly twist and change, appearing as a meadow overgrown with vibrant flowers at one point, as a structure made out of gingerbread in another, a palace of gold in the next, giant beanstalks appear from the top of the dome, etc…

Any creature that starts their turn in the area or enters it for the first time during their turn must make a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw or become Confused as via the Confusion spell until the end of their turn. 

Secret (GM only)
When Lost in the Land of Fables is used, there should be additional strange effects affecting that area the Player is unaware of. The effects should be wild and chaotic, here are some examples that you can roll for on a 1d6, but the effects should not be consistent, so I advise to replace a feature once it has been used, or choose one based on the environment where the feature was used:

  1. Any creature that exits the dome appears on the opposite side of the dome than they exited, or on the nearest free space outside of the dome if it is already occupied. 
  2. Several 1×1 Waterfalls fall down from the top of the dome, you can swim upwards in these waterfalls
  3. The entire area is under the effects of reversed gravity
  4.  The entire dome is enclosed in an impenetrable wall made out of thorns (or gingerbread, beanstalks, silver, silk)
  5. Each creature in the area is either Enlarged or Reduced
  6. Each creature in the area gains the appearance of a different creature in the area

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