Very Rare Weapon (Shortsword), Finesse, Light, Requires Attunement

  • You gain +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magical weapon.
  • You know of all sleeping creatures within 120 feet of you, and their exact location. 

Somnolent Parasite. When you hit a creature with this weapon, you can afflict them with an astral parasite. The target must make a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw, making it so that it doesn’t gain any healing or other benefits from finishing its next long rest on a failure. When it finishes its next long rest, you instead gain temporary hit points equal to 10x its proficiency bonus that last until you finish your next long rest.
You can use this feature an amount of times equal to your proficiency bonus per long rest. 

  • As long as they are affected by the parasite, you are aware whether the targets are alive, and if they are sleeping. 
  • Once per long rest, you can use Dreambite to cast Modify Memory (DC 16) on a sleeping target affected by the parasite. The spell has infinite range in this instance, but must be targeted at a target on the same plane of existence as you. You can talk to the target telepathically for the duration of the spell. 

Drain the Restful. When you hit a sleeping or unconscious humanoid target with an attack made with this weapon, you regain Hit Points equal to half the damage dealt. 

Dream Shift. You can expend one use of your Somnolent Parasite to instead teleport within 5 feet of a sleeping creature within 120 feet of you as a bonus action. 

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