Nightmare Warped Weapon

Very Rare Weapon (Any Weapon)

  • Deals extra 1d6 Psychic Damage. This damage is doubled against frightened creatures.
  • When you roll a 20 on an attack roll made with this weapon, the weapon becomes infused with nightmarish energy ready to be let out. Until the end of your next turn, you can once cast the Fear (DC 15) spell using the item. If you don’t cast it, you take 3d12 psychic damage at the end of your next turn. 
  • Nightmare Warped Weapons are shaped by the fears of its victims, taking the shape of the most frightening of weapons or instruments in their eyes, they can appear as syringes, living creatures like spiders, or anything that could be held in your hands. This causes all creatures within 5 feet of you to gain a -3 penalty on all saving throws against being frightened. 

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