Necromancer’s Dungeon




Includes Dungeon Crawl PDF and both digital PNGs of the maps for you to use in VTT and Pritable files.

This map is 58×58 tiles large, use this size in virtual tabletops.

Dungeon Tiles:

  • The Experiment Room: A laboratory in which foul necromantic experiments are conducted and kept.
  • Portals and Pets: A large hall with a strange portal, and an escaped experiment running loose.
  • The Seven Ravens: A room with seven cursed statues of ravens that require an answer to a riddle if you wish to pass
  • Bone Transmuter: An encounter room with undead being raised by a necromantic nexus
  • Gonk Court/Kobold Court: A social encounter with a tribe of misplaced creatures ruled by an eccentric leader
  • Jailer’s Room: A supply room serving as a good place for rest.
  • Cages of Silence: An encounter room with a unique sound-based mechanic that dictates how the enemies behave.
  • Dealings with Dark Dwarves: A room where you meet a trio of bored dark dwarf mercenaries that signed up for more than they bargained for.


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