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Waking Shards is a game published by Rudok’s Tavern, we have raised funds for it through Kickstarter Campaign where you can find details about the way it’s played, about the components and possible add-ons.

Waking Shards is a 2 to 4 player game that you can carry in your pocket and play anywhere. The game is easy to learn but still deep in terms of strategy and combos. Build an army of Guardians and find the Shards to combine their powers and outsmart your opponents.

  • 2 to 4 players
  • Easy to learn, quick to play (20 – 25 minutes)
  • Portable: Play it anywhere
  • Strategy and combos
  • 3 game modes: Duel, Free for all and Team game

Goodies Bundle includes:

  • Box: 25 Cards, 10 Victory Tokens, Rulebook
  • 5 Art Showcase Cards
  • 6 Guardian Stickers
  • 1 Chibi Titan Sticker


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