Blooming Contagion

(Found on the notice board of the Fishmund village, Smallfolk Sovereignty, Year 1380 PL {Year 152 of The Blessed age})
Dear neighbours, a few days ago some weird weed started growing on my patch.
I didn’t dare to touch it as I had a bad feeling about it and it could have been some kind of poisonous nettle.
But when all the plants around it started dying I decided that something needed to be done. I tried taking it out with a spade, but it had quite remarkably tough roots. At the end I had to burn it down with a large part of my patch, but when I did so, It let out some horrible black smoke and it severely damaged me right hand.
I just wanted to post this notice here to tell you to be careful if it appears in your garden as well. Now I don’t want to sound like some lunatic, but I’m quite certain that this plant was anything but natural and had to be brought here somehow.
Now I don’t want to accuse anyone, but I have a suspicion that it was them suspicious Empire folks who came here those almost thirty years ago.
Refugees from Blüdhafen they say, refugees my arse I say, I always had a bad feeling about them and they have been nothing but trouble for the past thirty years.
They live in that shack of theirs a few miles from the village and there are always some weird nefarious rumours about what goes on in there. I have bad dreams every time they come into the village for some reason and I just don’t trust people who wear hoods all the time.
I know for a fact that most of the community here share my opinion on these folks, but we have always tolerated their eccentricities. But I’ve just had enough. As long as I could ignore them, I couldn’t care less if they were weird or not, but now I am sure that they somehow messed with my potatoes and it is personal. And looking back, isn’t it strange that we’ve had such bad luck ever since they came here. Animals disappearing and dying, something weird happening with the well water making it turn into a weird indescribable colour. There was this one time Migo saw these weird flying carapaced funguses and we made fun of him, but he disappeared the day after. All the sick and rotten fish that started appearing on the shores. Hells, I lost all my hair within a year of their coming and my eyes became somewhat yellowish. And don’t forget all the nightmares we all seem to share at the end of March. It’s all wrong, that’s what it is and I truly believe that it was them. I don’t know if they are criminals or some agents sent by the Empire to spy on us, but I think it is time to tell them we don’t want them near our community anymore. I want anyone who shares my concerns to meet me tomorrow at noon in the Shadow’s mouth Inn and we shall take our pitchforks and go tell those weird people how things are.

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