Teleportation Stone

Travelling by magical means is often unpredictable, dangerous and difficult to master. That is why a more refined method of this type of transportation had to be developed. Teleportation stones proved themselves to be the most reliable of these devices. Serving as focal points of flowing magical energy, they divert nearby magical currents guiding anything moving through them to a specific point. This ability caused the creation of permanent two way portals built around these devices, but their use didn’t end there, for soon it started to see use in magic disruption devices and teleportation interdictors.
In the manor of Viviene Springleaf, all their utilities are put to us, for it is accessible to those travelling by portals, but those not entrusted with the right coordinates will find themselves in one of her dungeon cages rather than in her fine estate, for she has many of these stones laid around her manor and if anyone unfortunate enough were to be travelling through magical currents in their vicinity, they are sure to be sucked in the nefarious vortex she had prepared there to capture those skilled in magic, so she can run her foul experiments on them.

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