Agaric Coating

“Now I don’t really remember what my cursed personality told you, but my real name surely isn’t something as grim as Darkshadow.” said the young lad formerly known as Darkshadow, whose handsome features were now hidden under the blanket of slime and mucus, and thus he began his interrogation.

“Contrary to what you may have heard, my parents are alive and well, and I find joy in my life. Names are hard and I usually have quite an abundance at my disposal, so for the sake of familiarity, you may call me Lightshadow.”

Unlike his earlier form, Lightshadow was very active and energetic, always fidgeting with his fingers at least and not staying still for a moment, he also was a skilled thespian and Roderick quickly began falling for his new ally, stating that he now realized his mistake in believing that Darkshadow wasn’t a vile evildoer and a traitor.

Clary and Magizor weren’t so easily convinced, but Magizor only cared for how the skills of his companions could be exploited for his gain, and Clary already knew that his state was caused by the vile cursed daggers still lying around, so they remained silent to hear what he has to say.

“I wholeheartedly thank you all for allowing me to feel warmth and joy again, and I swear to all the deities above that I will be on my best behaviour from now on.”

“Your best behaviour?” Inquired Clary the Cleric with curiosity.

“Oh, it’s nothing really, just that my ability to love is unrivalled by both mortals and immortals, and sometimes my targets of devotion and affection are under the envious watchful eyes of higher powers.” Said Lightshadow nonchalantly as to avoid the topic, but Clary was not done with this line of questions.-

“And what exactly does this have to do with the curse?”

Lightshadow lost some of his composure and he started quickly mumbling.

“It was a setup, I didn’t mean to derail the quest or anything, seducing the dragon was the only way out of there.”

“Did I hear slaying a dragon my friend!? Thou are far braver than that imposter whose deception I swiftly saw through, dragon-slaying is a worthy endeavour that forms unvirile weaklings into warriors of a true calibre and I can now see you only hide your worthy muscles to fool your enemies. most cunning indeed.”

Were it not for a slight mistake in modern magical education, Magizor would have summoned a giant hand just to slap Roderick, and then cover his face with its gigantic palm, unfortunately the curriculum once again deprived him of even this joy.

Ignoring Roderick’s remark, Clary decided to gain some more clarification;

“So you seduced a dragon and was cursed for it?”

“Well…not just the dragon…I am a creature of passion and love, It’s not my fault that no members of my party so far, nor my patrons, nor any manifestation of this so called Game Master saw this as a serious condition. My patron didn’t give me such a power of seduction to be left unused, I’m a kleptomaniac for hearts, I can’t control it, It’s a serious condition.”

The true character of Lightshadow became more and more apparent with each word that came out of his honeyed lips, yet Magizor wasn’t interested in the backgrounds of his companions, and so he said.

“Enough with this worthless lollygagging you fools. We are not here to make friends and learn about each other’s backstories, we are here to eradicate monsters and gain riches and power, so I want to hear just one thing from all of you, what are your capabilities and how are you useful to me.”

Roderick started joyfully answering this question without hesitation.

“I am the…”

But he was interrupted by Magizor before he could start his prolonged speech about his valour.

“I already know your skills you brutish imbecile!”

Roderick didn’t stop in his speech however and continued to talk about his exploits for the rest of the conversation, ignored by the others.

Clary, deciding that it is beneficial to the Grand Master’s plans to share her powers with the groups stepped forward.

“My abilities are…”

But she was once again interrupted by the elven wizard.

“My lady Clary you don’t need to lower yourself among these fools, we both are of a better kind and I have no doubt in your astonishing abilities.”

And thus the only one remaining was Lighshadow, who was enthusiastically listening to Roderick’s speech about his chivalry and honour and was showering him with praise and questions.

The omnipresent smile of joy on his face was infuriating Magizor and he grabbed Lightshadow by his slime covered shoulders to question him, however he was not prepared for what Lightshadow had to say upon being grabbed.

“You have very strong hands sir wizard, and the voice…Roderick said that your name is Magizor, isn’t it funny that your name is Magizor and you use magic, not really creative is it? Aren’t wizards supposed to have a pointy hat, or at least a beard?”

Gone was the actor-like dramatic rehearsed speech of Lightshadow, this was a mania of fast unrelated questions filled with almost child-like wonder and glee. Something Magizor was almost defenceless against.

“Uh…stop it! I asked about your abilities.” he yelled confusedly.

Lightshadow swiftly changed his demeanour into the thespian aspect again and said confidently:

“I am a rogue of the highest prestige, but one with a heart of gold. I can lock-pick, steal, and duel like no other, but everything pales in comparison with my powers of seduction, no creature can withstand my loving affection.” and he tried to do a seductive hair-flip towards Magizor, however his slime covered body seemed to dampen the aesthetic value of the gesture and instead blinded the rogue’s eyes with mucus.

“Damn this slime, how am I supposed to do my job when I look like this, I need to clean myself. Please my strong wizard cherub, or my fairy lady, would you mind using some spell to bless the world with my beauty again?”

“No” was the resolute answer from both targeted parties.

“Game Master told me that you had already angered him many times, and that you are on probation, so no seduction for you.” was the explanation for Clary’s refusal.

“I won’t waste precious spells on such a trivial matter, I am a god among mortals and this is simply beneath me.” Was Magizor’s.

But then a third voice joined the chorus:

“Of course I will help you friend Lightshadow, my blade shall remove the wicked slime from thine effeminate body with noble rigour.”

And before anyone could stop him, Roderick began slashing at Lightshadow.

This would probably be the end for the rogue, but the slash that should have gone through his torso was stopped in its track by the slime, absorbing the impact. After a dozen other slashes, Roderick conceded with a saddened voice.

“My pride has been wounded once more, I couldn’t save thee from the evil that covers thy flesh, I apologize my friend.”

“It would seem my god has blessed you as well as cursed you Lightshadow, pray that you shall not anger him further.” said Clary

Magizor was satisfied enough with the outcome.

“You may not have shown me much skill, but this protection of yours could be beneficial as yet another sponge of damage, I need no more from my minions.”

And so the champions finally decided to continue on their journey deeper into the ruins. But one of the stayed behind for a moment, the fey cleric looked at the two cursed daggers on the floor with a quick glance and without anyone seeing her, she moved them to her backpack. They were given to Lightshadow by the Game Master after all, and it is unwise to ignore their gifts.

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