Rose of Mourning

Among the uneducated, necromancy is often considered an utterly evil practice used to cause decay and death and create undead monstrosities, but its more benign aspects are often overlooked. This artefact is a prime example of the latter. A combination of an enchanted crystal vial and a rose, picked up during a blood moon, it functions somewhat similarly to the lich phylactery. If a blood of a dying, or lately deceased creature is drawn by the thorns of the blood rose and immediately sealed inside the vial, their soul will not leave for afterlife and their lifeless body will not age.
It was the first resort Viviene used to save her beloved, from the dreadful disease that afflicted him. With time being her only enemy, she saw no other option but to cut her husband with the blood rose and put him into timeless sleep, whilst she would find a cure. However the only advice all the medics and physicians in the world had to offer was to let him find his peace in the afterlife. Furious with their ineptness, she decided to find help among those outcast by the society: warlock, necromancers and cultists. But their advice still rang hollow within her, for their it was such: “Only from death can one be reborn.” It wasn’t until a charismatic collector of the occult and divine assured her, that she was prepared to make this final sacrifice. And upon one dreary midnight she had awoken her lover and with a tearful “Sorry” she stabbed him right in the heart.

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