Horn of Tribes

The astral planes have a way of changing the creatures that inhabit it, willingly or otherwise and. That is, why the great mong exodus, that has scattered them all across these realms, created so many differing races of this species, with each displaying traits unique to the plane they have found themselves in. This also gave proficient conjurers ways to bind them and summon them, for their wary nature has shifted to the one specific to the realm. Whilst most magicians consider mongs, whatever their nature, too troublesome, weak and idiotic to summon; Some have found that they can be very versatile, once you know what their capabilities are. That is how the idea of this particular magic item began to be developed. One prominent wizard magician started collecting mong rallying horns and enchanting them, as to create a tool specifically designed to summon mongs. She was ridiculed by the wizard community, but soon her effort began to bear fruit, as she used her minions to create a very successful business enterprise, that utilized the varying abilities of different mong specimen. Unfortunately for her, this horn was later in time stolen by a mong infiltrating her organization during the mong king’s crusade for magical artefacts. The original is now believed to be in his possession. This item was never duplicated, for its ability to summon mongs permanently could lead to devastating infestations; but more diluted versions, working on a much smaller scale and with limited time soon began to appear on the market.

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