Harp of Spectral Harmony

The manor was a place of many evils, yet not everything born there was of malevolent nature. Floating in the now vast emptiness of the ballroom, ghosts and spectres of the past are still dancing there to a tranquil tune produced by the melodious strings a harp. The ghosts are of those that fell victims to the horrors of the manor, yet they seem peaceful, calm, almost serene while dancing to the ghostly music. The harp, bearing the resemblance of a swan, its pristine silver and crystal surface reflecting light in a pale blue hue, encompassing the ballroom in a tranquil atmosphere. It would seem, that even lowly creatures such as undead, demons and devils can’t disrupt the harmony the harp produces. Unintelligent undead go into an almost melancholic state, in which it seems, that glimpses of their former self appear. Demons and devils start to contempt their diabolical ways. And mortals enter a deep introspective and meditative trance, and exploring the depths of their spirit.

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