Many mercenaries and bounty hunters pride themselves on their ability to hunt down any target, no matter where they hide, and kill them with ruthless efficiency; but far less are capable of bringing their prey in alive. And among these, is one whose skill outclasses the rest, A mysterious wood elf simply known as “Shroud”. Their identity is a mystery, for no one in the business heard them speak or show their face. Their face is always obscured by a cowl, a face wrap and war paint, with only yellow cat-like standing out like two flickers of flame. But there is one more piece to the enigma that is Shroud, for all their jobs and contracts had one thing in common: Not a single soul died. For Shroud has not once accepted a killing contract and during their kidnapping jobs, no bloodshed had ever taken place. Whilst Shroud’s skill is unquestionable, there is one special weapon in particular that made them accomplish such a crowning achievement: The Thorn. A peculiar crossbow with a unique design, it is rumoured to shoot bolts that only paralyze or otherwise incapacitate its target. It may also contain some healing, or anaesthetic factor, as to not bleed out or badly hurt the target, if the shot pierces an important part of the body. Whilst the weapon is quite large, it is believed to be compactable or otherwise transformable, for Shroud has been seen to procure it even in places, that do not allow for weapons to be held.
Shroud and his crossbow are at the moment in employment of certain mistress Viviene Springleaf, not much is known about the contract, but it seems that they are systematically hunting and kidnapping various prominent figures specializing in healing magic, such as clerics of Zuthar, druids and arcane alchemists. An extensive investigation into the matter is recommended, for Shroud is very expensive and a more sinister ulterior motive is at hand.

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