A once proud and mighty shadow demon, a favoured spy and agent of the demon prince of shadows and schemes Lyernash himself. But his ambitions and desire for power led to a fatal mistake that caused him to be entrapped in an ancient sword of Pre-Arcaneum design and made him fall from grace in the demon hierarchy. Now hunted by his own kind and only a husk of his former self, he depends on power-craving wielders to satisfy his hunger for souls. But unawares to the wielder, their own soul is only safe as long as it is useful to Arugwal. If their goals misalign, Arugwal will try to forcibly consume the soul of the wielder and take control of their body. Arugwal fears his former master above all else, and therefore prefers the safe inconspicuous confines of the blade, for agents of his master are cunning and possessed bodies catch a lot of attention. But even in this form he plots his revenge, gaining back a fraction of his strength with each consumed soul, waiting for a vessel or host powerful enough to contain all his former power and more, and once the time is right, Lyernash won’t be able to stop him, no demon prince will be able to stop him, no conjurer of cheap tricks will trap him in a blade again. The world, the hells, the heavens, everything will be his for the taking.
But all that is yet just a dream, for now he has to seem like nice little demon, being in possession of that Viviene to keep her husband’s body and soul intact. Whilst Arugwal despises them both, he patiently obeys, since the souls to consume are aplenty and he feels that a new wielder, worthy of his strength is on the horizon.

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