Dwarven Exoskeleton

While golems and other such constructs are formidable in their own rights, their innate nature often makes them inferior to common mortals, who often through sheer shrewdness and resourcefulness manage to accomplish tasks the physically stronger constructs are incapable of. But what if one were to combine the pure strength of a mechanical body with the mind and cunning of a living being. A question that stands behind the creation of Project Paragon. A huge suit of armour covering the whole body and increasing its strength and durability. The prototype was given to the most accomplished of dwarven warriors and the results were more than satisfactory. While it is too expensive and hard to manufacture, dozens of these suits were made for special shock forces, higher ranking officers and clan leaders. Due to its reliability on core fragments to work, chances of reverse engineering by enemies are slight, but it is still something to be rather avoided.

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