Burst Boots

The war on the Eastern front with the dragonspawn is one very taxing on dwarven lifes, for it is hard to fight an enemy one can’t even reach. Aerial ambushes are the scourge of their armies that are brave enough to leave their protected underground cities for a chance at a offensive. That is why any edge, no matter how miniscule it may seem, is always valuable. With core fragments came a whole new era of weapon and armor innovations and experiments; many of them failed miserably, many were swept aside and many were deemed too expensive. However some managed to pass past the drawing board and find use in the dwarven armies. One such thing are the Burst Boots. Using the core fragments to strengthen the steel and for a much more peculiar purpose. When under certain conditions, the material was found to create magical explosions and in these boots the resulting shockwave is focused so, that the wearer is launched in the air and if proficient with the mechanism, may even somehow fly if timed correctly. The Dragonspawn were hugely unprepared to be challenged for the rule over sky and the dwarves gained a major foothold deep in the enemy territory before the dragonspawn started to recover from the losses and create appropriate countermeasures.

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