Cuirass of Bloodlust

(So this old ugly thing has been lying in our store for a very long time, courtesy of my scavenger of a partner who doesn’t ever skip a chance to talk about how he used to wear one of these idiotic self-torturous contraptions in his youth.
You see minotaurs have this thing where they get all stupid and angry during a fight and they can ignore pain and lost blood, they call it bloodlust.
Well and this unpolished piece of scrap metal is adorned with spikes. You may remark that you don’t notice any, and that’s because that absolute prodigy of a minotaur who designed it had the masterstroke of an idea to put them on the inside of the armour.

So the idea is, that if something is literally stabbing your guts all the time, it’s much easier to get furious.
The inventor at least had enough sense to put these spikes on not too inconvenient parts of the body, so it won’t hinder you in combat or anything, and it won’t make you bleed out.

Now I wouldn’t have problem with this thing if Braxigor wanted to wear it, but he swore off this addiction to rage, and he tries not to ever get controlled by it again, and that’s why it’s gathering dust here in this corner of the shop.
And now from your experience, imagine what would happen if a customer were to walk in and take as much as a fleeting glance at this… I’m sure you are clever enough to not require further clarification. And guess who has to do the demonstrations.

So if you want to get out of here, I am “strongly advising” you to take a look at this armour.

Ah, here you are. I’ve been searching for you in the entire shop. Had to calm down the souls in the teapots first, they were very upset about not getting bought.

(Hey Braxigor, our customer here seemed very interested about this glorious armour for true warriors, why don’t you tell her some story about it while I handle the financing with them)

Incredible. Jenny I am so proud of you, your marketing skills are finally starting to shine. I knew you would eventually be able to come out of that shell and embrace the needs and wants of our customers.

(What can I say, my door is always open when it comes to business)

*Proud minotaur sob*

But back to our customer. You truly have an eye for valuable pieces, because this armour is very rarely seen outside of minotaur lands. Worn by the strongest of my kind’s warriors and generally very safeguarded by the original owners. This one used to be mine when I was still young, given to me after slaying my first “Ghost of the Steppes.” It’s quite a funny story actually, because killing the beast wasn’t really my goal.

It was many many years ago and I was still a part of a minotaur tribe and I … courted a certain other minotaur.

(I don’t like where this is going)

I noticed that she often went somewhere into the wilderness before sunset, and I thought that that time would be the perfect opportunity to show my affection to her, only I didn’t know where exactly she was always going. I prepared my best hides and my gifts and prepared myself for my confession of devotion. I missed her departure, but I noticed her tracks in the ground, and I thought I could maybe catch her by tracking. Unfortunately it was quite dark already and the tracks were harder to discern. But eventually they led me to a small secluded spring. So I immediately went to the conclusion that it was a bath she was taking, and I… tried to…inspect whether she was in any danger.

(A peeping Tom is what you were you oxen pig)

Well Anyway I didn’t see her there, so I panicked and I tried to look around whether she was unharmed and safe. As it turns out, I may have mistaken a few of the crossing tracks on the way, and found myself instead in the nest of a “Ghost of the Steppes”. But before we continue…I should probably describe them to you.