Legendary Greataxe, (Heavy, Two-Handed), Requires Attunement
Adds +2 to all attack and damage rolls
Crystalline Song:
Each hit with the weapon creates a sharp deafening noise in the vicinity. After a successful melee attack, any creature within five feet of the wielder takes additional 1d8 thunder damage
If the attack is a critical, each creature in the radius must also make a DC:14 Constitution saving throw, becoming deafened for one minute upon a failure.
The noise increases in strength and power with each successful hit, capable of turning into a haunting song in capable hands.
Each consecutive successful melee attack increases the thunder damage by +1 (to up to +6). This counter is reset by a missed attack and by a round without attacking.
Memento of the Fallen
Upon closer inspection, soft voices can be heard from within the crystalline structure of the axe, these are the last words of all of its victims in cacophonic unison
The wielder can at any point conjure a translucent image of a creature that had been killed by the axe, the image will precisely act out the last moments before their death.
The voices within the axe can for a moment be transferred to a creature within 60 feet, making them suffer from a 1st level Dissonant Whispers spell (DC: 13) (Recharge 5-6)
Comforting Silence
If the wielder were to take either psychic or thunder damage, they can use their reaction to deafen themselves for one minute, reducing the damage in half. (This cannot be used while already deafened)

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