Lure Totem

Few winters had passed since my initiation, and I had become accustomed to the life of a warrior, and protector in our clan. Every time our village was in danger, we were there to quell it; be it predators of either beast or human kind, or something else. It was a good and honest work and, even though I had been through many nearly fatal perils and encounters, relatively calm. However, part of me was still anxious, for the visions I saw during the fateful ritual kept returning to me. The form of the ocean leviathan was the clearest one, and every time I had dreamt these dreams, It was clearer and clearer; I knew something was about to come about, and I was to play a vital role in it. It was during a winter four years after my initiation that I was about to find out more. It was a very grave winter, and we had been struck by many misfortunes. Rats had eaten many of our crops, our livestock died due to a disease, and many of our shelters and houses were laid low during a powerful storm. We were facing starvation, and it was only thanks to our hunters and fishermen, that we were somehow still alive. But one day, our fishing party did not return; neither did the one on the next day. We were dependant on fishing, and not only had no fish been brought in the last four day, but no man returned either. It was on the fifth day, near midday, that a lone fisher came running back, with horror in his eyes. He told stories of a giant monster in the sea, crushing our fishing boats and eating our fishers whole. It was immediately decided that a group of our best warriors should go there and try to kill this creature. My father was supposed to be the leader of this group and he picked twelve of his best men and women to accompany him. Remembering my vision, I proudly told my father, that I was certain this was the time to prove myself, to become a hero. Yet I was met with only a grim, stern face. “You are not going anywhere son, you are far too young for this.” I protested, I felt rage consuming any tidbits of reason within me, and I started arguing. “You still almost a child, and you even act like one now; This is too dangerous for you, stop embarrassing yourself and man up.” My face was red with anger, but I was unable to say anything. He then said to his warriors, that they will be leaving at dawn, and they were to prepare themselves. I felt my world crumbling, this was supposed to be my moment of glory, not his; This was my vision, not his. But then it occurred to me; if I was supposed to slay the beast, then my father’s hunt for the creature was doomed to fail, I told this to my father, to others warriors, to the shaman, but no one listened. So here I was, cursed with the knowledge, that my father was likely going to his death, and I couldn’t do anything about it… or could I? At night, I sneaked myself into my father’s room and found what I was looking for, a totem, which I knew he was about to use during his hunt. It had a simple enchantment; It worked similarly to fisher’s lure, but much stronger and on a much greater scale. I guessed he wanted to lure the creature to shallow waters, where it would be more vulnerable; a sound plan, which I decided on following. I took the totem, a handful of spears, my armour and a few other useful things and made my way to the coast. It wasn’t very far, but the night and the weather made it quite hard to travel, and it took me a few hours to arrive there. When I arrived, it was already dawn, and I knew I only had maybe an hour before the hours arrived. I took a small boat that was stationed there and started paddling. When the water was nearly 10 feet deep and the shore was in a far distance. I stopped my paddling and placed the totem on the front of my boat. I did a short incantation, which I knew would activate its powers. I waited, my heart beating with excitement and fear, when I saw it. A gargantuan turquoise shape moving towards me.

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