Mind Ring

Because of the need for destructive weapons of war and soldier augmentations, most of the research funding for core fragments went into just that and the other more subtle effects were still an enigma. But a small group of researchers were disturbed and intrigued by how it affected the minds and behaviour of the miners that mined it. After extensive questioning, testing and report reading, some shared elements of prolonged exposure became evident. The first stage of exposure was usually associated with sound hallucinations, apparently the subjects were hearing subtle metallic or crystalline ringing that grew stronger with proximity to the core fragments. This sound was reportedly very charming and pleasant but grew exponentially stronger during mining to even “unbearable levels”. The second phase was the phase of hallucinations and nightmares. These visions were those of “glowing alien crystalline figures”, that were observing the subjects with fiery eyes, in the dark corners and crevices of the tunnel. We do not know what encompasses the third stage, for no subject was capable of coherent speech at that point. They become terrified rambling beings, that try to hide in the smallest and darkest places possible. We do not know, whether that is the last stage, or if it leads to something else, that is we have decided to create a ring and infuse it with the properties of the core fragments. We tried to amplify the effects with some simple enchantment magic, as to weaken the mind barriers of the subject we use it on. We do not want to take any risks, and will try to protect ourselves from any forms of charms , but we have the Garbin Drunmeg, the researcher who first studied the properties of the fragments on our team and he knows more than anyone about them so we should be hopefully safe.

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