Master Smith’s Hammer

A tool rather than a weapon, this hammer is reserved only for the most accomplished of smiths. Even though it appears cumbersome and heavy, it is quite light and very well balanced so that even the more delicate parts of the smith’s craft can be easily done while using it. But don’t let this talk of grace and finesse fool you, it is still a weapon and a skilled warrior carrying it to combat is not to be trifled with. One pivotal abilities of the hammer is the possibility to repair small damages without any need of material, as if from thin air and its capability of creating heat and fire. Both of which can be very convenient and useful on the road. According to recent researches and experiments, it would seem that inexplicably, the hammer affects the newly invented automatons very queerly, making them docile and obedient on contact, but it has also proved itself remarkably destructive against them. More research surely needs to be done on the case, we have insufficient data and anything giving us control over the autonomous automatons would be very helpful. I need to present this to the researchers studying the fragments as soon as possible, especially with the queer deaths of people involved with the core fragments happening in our town recently. I hope the college will accept my research, the guardians outside my home make me very uneasy for some reason.

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