A shield passed down from generation to generation of among a famed warrior clan. The heroes who carried it were always leading the vanguard and stood as the stalwart wall among their comrades during the heat of battle. A symbol of courage, security and dwarven resilience. There was a saying among the commoners and nobles alike: that as long as this shield remained in dwarven hands, the people will endure anything bearing them ill will. An already potent magical artefact, it came as a surprise to the smiths and tinkers of Smältdurg, when they were humbly asked to modify and upgrade the shield with their fabled core fragments. Honoured by such a notion, they eagerly accepted and began working on the artefact. Since core fragments weren’t ever combined with a strongly magical item, especially of such potency as this one, the process was long and tedious; but the fruits it bore were extraordinary. An amplification of its prior durability and abilities was just the tip of the iceberg stemming from the adjustments. Now this beacon hope shines ever brighter, which is much needed; for I sense that darkness unlike any we have seen before is about to come.

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