It was but a matter of time before the fragments would be weaponized and it was nigh time to teach the dragonspawn to fear the weapon they so gladly utilize, fire. The research into creating a gun was all but successful, though it did not create guns per se. The result was the Flamegun, a gun in design only, for it could be described as a gun shaped magical wand and one wouldn’t be far from the truth. By clicking the trigger an energy pulse is sent into core fragment in the barrel, this overcharges the weapon and it gets rid of this excess energy in the form of a fiery ball of doom. This weapon is anything but safe, and is given only to dependable volunteers with fire resistant gear, however it seemed to find its way to the market and the insane members of the “Dragonslayers”, who while resourceful and skilled, are not the most stable of individuals. The weapon is still in a field testing process, for we are not entirely sure what the power-to-safety ratio still is and that’s why we leave that to the soldiers themselves, who give us periodic reports. A cool-down mechanism is still being developed, for we were unable to yet find a way to prevent the gun from overheating and consequently exploding. But things like these make me wonder, are we really so desperate in this war, or is it just dwarven nature to try to create as destructive and explosive devices as possible, no matter the personal safety.

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