Fusion Lantern

One of the very earliest designs created using the core fragment technology, a bright lantern that doesn’t go out and that doesn’t require active use of magic to charge. A delicate, yet simple tool, were it not for the fact that it does more that meets the eye. The first major utility this item was found to provide, is that produces such a light in which inert magic is visible, so it detect surrounding magic and what contains it, which proved itself to be more than useful, as it even highlights otherwise unnoticeable veins of core fragments. Also, it seems to be able to create a flash of scorching blinding light, which started to see use as defence mechanism for miners once the attacks of Underworld denizens became more prominent. It is strange that a mineral were to have such a property, unless it had some levels of sentience and tried to actively defend itself, but since our miners were never “flashed” by the fragments during mining it is probably a misconception, unless it wished to be mined.

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