Shrinking Perfume

I would begin the story with the phrase: “It was just an ordinary day”, but it in fact was anything but. However it certainly was covered in the same blanket of bleakness and gloom as most of my days were, which could fool anyone about its extraordinariness. But now that that’s behind us, let’s delve into what made it so extraordinary. I was minding my usual business in the marketplace, of course without any ill intent. It wasn’t my fault that some of the shopkeepers had mistaken me for some thief or scoundrel, and it certainly wasn’t my fault that some of the stock these shopkeepers lost happened to accidentally fall out of my pockets when somebody stumbled into me. This was all just a massive misunderstanding, but the guards were probably in a bad mood and had no time for a polite conversation. I figured I might as well play a little game of tag with them to brighten their day when the things got heated. I know it’s probably unsportsmanlike to change a game of tag into a game of hide and seek in the middle without telling anyone, but those armoured buffoons had no chance of catching a young fit lass like me, so I wanted to give them a bit of a slack. The hiding spot of my choice was a dusty little shop in an unsavoury back-alley, to the likes of which I certainly wasn’t familiar. But this shop in particular was in fact completely new to me, which was strange since I thought I knew every shop in this part of town. Whatever was the reason thereof didn’t bother, as I was more exhilarated by the idea of scouring through a new shop. The shop was weird to me at a first glance. It was very dusty on the inside, with as little light as possible. There were only a few candles there and all the windows were covered by a thick curtain. But the queerest thing was the smell, the whole place was filled with a plethora of strong numbing scents and aromas, and upon closer examination I figured out why: twas a perfume shop. Clever, I thought. Such a mysterious atmosphere must have been great for business, and it dampened the smell of rotten and wet wood that would normally permeate a place such as this. Not seeing a clerk of any kind, I went on to examine all the various perfumes as closely as I could; just out of curiosity of course. I was about to take a few of these perfume bottles outside with me, to examine them closer of course, when I noticed a very fancy and very eye-catching bottle on a pedestal few feet behind the counter. If it is there, surely it is meant to be inspected by the customers, and with this notion I jumped over the counter to take a look at the vial. Just when I was about to grab it, a squeaking voice sounded behind me. “Ah good day young lady, I see you have taken an interest in our assortment of goods, yes? I was prepared to answer in a moment’s notice, but the appearance of the speaker took me by surprise. They wore a large fur coat that covered every part of their body, and they had a peculiar ornate headpiece on their head that had no slit for eyes. I literally couldn’t see a single tidbit of skin on this person. But not one to be taken aback, I answered: “Indeed sir, your stock is very impressive and I would be delighted to tell about it to all my lady friends. Poor foolish silly me was so dumbstruck by the excellence of your perfumes that I couldn’t help myself but to try some already.” And with this I returned all the pocketed perfumes on the counter; playing dumb was always an escape option. ” Oh of course lady, of course, but in your case I would distance myself from the bottle you wanted to try now, it wouldn’t suit a lady like you. It is meant to make certain things…vanish from sight, which would be a great shame in your case lady.” This got my attention, could I be so lucky as to stumble upon something that could make me invisible, I needed to get this thing by any means necessary. I was already planning a break-in in the middle of the night, when the clerk said: “But excuse me for a moment dear young lady, I have things to do in the back. Feel free to try anything here, except for the one perfume bottle, that would cost you dearly. As soon as he turned his back to me, I grabbed the bottle and wanted to pocket it, but an idea came to my mind. What if the clerk was fooling with me, I need to test whether it really works. I sprayed a small bit of this perfume on my arm to see if it will turn me invisible, but it didn’t. What a scam that clerk is, I thought; but then the world started shifting around me. Everything around me was growing bigger, my vision was becoming blurry. What was this, a poison? A drug? But then it suddenly stopped, and I found myself in a building made for giants. Then a shadow swept over me, I looked up and saw the clerk, now a giant looming over me. “I told you not to use that, now you shall vanish from sight for a very long time.”

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