It was during our journey through the fungi domain that our supplies started running low and we had to find different means of sustenance. My vast scholarly knowledge of fauna and flora didn’t really aid us in our endeavour, for the things growing and living here couldn’t be found in even the most detailed of codexes of nature. We mostly tried to hunt the local wildlife, but at times we were desperate enough to try a different method. I don’t know who came up with the idea, but we decided to catch a few Hejkals alive and we fed them various types of local flora to find whether they are edible or not. It was not a foolproof method, for their nature is very different from ours but it at least gave us some basic idea and relieved us from the duty of feeding the plants to the sick and injured members of our expedition to know their effects. Their effects varied from plainly just edible to poisonous to healing, or hallucinogenic. Their levels of potency varied and some of the healing ones could perhaps be utilized into a new wave of healing potions. However there was one mushroom in particular that caught our attention, we decided to call it the wondershroom due to its wonderful effects. The first Hejkal we fed it to started growing, his muscles enlarged; it had to be killed before it broke from its bonds. After that some of our men decided to try these mushrooms for themselves, since such a strong effect could give us an edge against the trappings of the forest. So far it seems that it does exactly what we thought it would, but I still have some doubts about it. The men often won’t admit it, but they seem tired and weary after the effects wear off, and they often volunteer for another dose the next day, even though it clearly left a stain on their health. I suspect that it is addictive in nature and it will do us more harm in the future than it will do good now.

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