“Jerry” Gun

So this rat, who is actually many rats with one mind is a healer to the rat king or something, and he kidnapped me and brought me to this strange underground rat city, where he wants me to steal a recipe of some weird healing alcohol that has been banned, because it sometimes doesn’t heal, from the biggest crime boss around, so he can find something some ingredient in the recipe that could heal his master’s ailments and possibly grant him eternal youth. Oh and he will be executed if he does not find this cure within four days… sounds fun . “So, what is this crime lord’s gist” I asked the rat doctor, I realized, I still haven’t asked him about his name, and I thought this wasn’t the right time, so I shall call him Squeakly from now on. Squeakly looked confused with my question, so I clarified: “Is he into murders, or into robberies? extortion perhaps?” “Based on the rumours, I would say a little bit of everything, but he is mostly connected with smuggling The Poison and gambling Of course he wasn’t ever found guilty and most are too scared of him to really confront him.” “Hmm…gambling, does he have some like hidden gambling dens in the city, some right and proper hives of scum and villainy?” I had my experiences with these gambling pubs full of tattered criminals and scoundrels, so I thought that might be the best way to approach a criminal, however Squeakly was there to remind me how differently things worked around here. “I don’t know any gambling places such as those you speak of, but he does own a rather prominent casino?” “What’s a casino?” “A gambling house.” So he wants me to help him, yet he argues about semantics with me, typical. “All right, where is this “casino” of yours?” “Right there.” And he pointed at an enormous building that was towering over everything else in its vicinity. It was bigger and more majestic than most of the castles and palaces I have seen. This surely didn’t look like some dusty pub. “You gamble in that?” “Indeed.” A gambling den bigger than a cathedral, I was getting quite fond of this place. “So let’s ho shall we?” We went for a while through the streets of the city to reach our destination. I would like to describe everything unusual I noticed during this walk, but we would be sitting here for hours. All I can say is, that the place is bizarre, but by the way the denizens looked at me, I guess I was a similar sight to them . We reached the colossus of a building and I saw that there was a sign above the entrance that was glowing with piercing acidic green light. It said the words: “Welcome to the Don Casino” rat people were going in and out of it in crowds and at the entrance stood a big brawny rat with the same weird bowl thing on his head that Squeakly had. He also had a very strange device in his hands, it seemed like a firearm but it was of no familiar design. We tried to ignore him and go inside the building, but he directly intercepted us. “You are not allowed entrance anymore doctor, the boss has had enough of your constant nagging and requests, sorry.” the bouncer spoke with a thick foreign accent and his face looked more like a bulldog than a rat. Squeakly tried to argue with the bouncer, but I could see that that was to no avail, and would only result in conflict, so I interrupted their argument: “If he can’t go in, can I go in alone?” I said with my most charming voice. “I dunno what or who you are miss, but boss has no quarrel with you, you can go in.” “Splendid.” I said and I stepped into this heaven of gambling. This is going to be fun.

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